Eric D. Greene

Eric D. Greene

Hi I’m Eric and I am known as “1 Awesome Dad”.

I am a father to a 8 year old boy, and I’m an advocate for peaceful parenting, which is a non-violent, non-punitive lifestyle approach to raising children.

My goal on this website is to share my opinions and advice on topics related to parenting.

You can read more in depth about me here, as well as why anyone would want to listen to my advice.

What I believe about raising children

I believe we give our children the best chances of success in life by treating them with love and respect, as equals among us, not as second class citizens to be ordered around, shouted down at, disrespected and abused.

I don’t believe that it’s ever necessary to spank, punish, threaten, shame or mistreat children in any way. In fact, those kinds of “tough-love” authoritarian approaches are ineffective, harmful, and should be avoided as much as possible.

There is a better way to raise children, and my goal is to help parents learn how.

It’s time for a paradigm shift in the way children are treated.

We need to move away from strict authoritarian parenting practices such as punishing, shaming, threatening, manipulating, spanking and other types of physical and emotional mistreatment.

And we need to move towards non-violent, non-punitive, mindful, connected and respectful parenting.

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