My highest priority in life is to be the best dad I possibly can be.

When my son was born in 2011, I finally discovered the person I was meant to be. First and foremost, a great dad to my son, but also to help other parents with their own struggles and challenges along the parenting journey.

Almost from day one of my son’s life, I dove into parenting information. I learned about attachment parenting, gentle parenting, conscious parenting, and peaceful parenting. I learned about the importance of not spanking, avoiding punishments and threats, and I learned about validating children’s thoughts, needs, wants and wishes. I learned about empathy, and realized that was something that came naturally to me anyway. I read books, watched videos and interviews, listened to roundtable discussions, and signed up for every webinar on parenting I came across.

Eventually I started my facebook page, 1 Awesome Dad. Then I created the facebook group Peaceful Parenting Community. My social following increased and soon I found myself being asked to do interviews and join those roundtable discussions too.

Today, I write, I teach, I speak, and I consult with parents on conscious, peaceful parenting.

I am an advocate for gentle parenting and for treating children with respect and dignity.

My parenting philosophy

I believe the role of a parent is to provide guidance and support for their children as they grow, learn, and discover who they are and their own place in the world.

Kids learn best by example.  That means that the best way to teach children is to model for them what we want for them.

If we want our children to be happy, successful, and treat other people fairly, then we parents must work on being happy and successful ourselves, and model how to treat others fairly.  If we want them to be disciplined and handle their emotions well, then we the parents must be disciplined and learn to control our emotions well.

Ultimately, the best we can do for our children is to grow and evolve ourselves into spiritually aligned, emotionally intelligent and mature adults.

I’ve written about what I view as the single best parenting strategy, and it has to do with our own personal development, not trying to force and demand compliance from our kids.

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