Eric D. Greene

Eric D. Greene

Parenting is really hard sometimes.

I am here to help.

I really get it about how hard parenting can be.

It’s one thing to read about peaceful and conscious parenting, and to come to some intellectual understanding about various concepts.  It’s another thing to go out and actually be calm, peaceful, loving, understanding and empathetic, even though we know how important it is to be all those things for our children.

If you are struggling and are looking for help in achieving greater connection and wholeness in your relationship with your children, contact me using the form below.

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I help parents who want to do things differently from the outdated authoritarian “tough love” parenting paradigm.  Parents who are ready to experience deep connection, happiness and fulfillment in their relationships with their children, and not have their relationship be based on fear and control, but on love, respect and appreciation instead.

I’m a father and husband, an advocate of positive, peaceful and conscious parenting, and I have a bachelor’s degree in Sociology with emphasis in social work.

Counseling, coaching, and advocating for positive, peaceful parenting is my purpose and my passion.

My philosophy towards being a parent comes down to three things:

1) Attitude is everything.

In parenting, and in life generally, I find that attitude is everything.  Life has a way of mirroring back to us the attitude we hold within.  And nowhere else do I find it more true than in our relationships with our children.

2) Treat your child the way you would wish to be treated

The way to get what we want and hope and wish for in our children is simple (albeit challenging!) – treat them with the same respect and dignity that we would wish to be treated ourselves.  In other words, do unto your children the way you would have them do unto you!

3) Don’t just preach about it, BE about it!

Be the example person you want your child to become.  After all, how can you make demands on them without living up to the same expectations yourself?  Modeling the behavior you want to see is the single best way of teaching and raising children.

The items above are more easily talked about than put into practice.

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