It’s Never OK To Hit A Child


It’s never okay to hit a child.

It’s never okay to hit, spank, slap, smack, or otherwise physically harm a child in any way.

It’s not okay to assault others in any way, therefore it’s not okay to assault children in any way.

We don’t teach other adults a lesson by hitting and getting violent with them.  So why would we think it’s acceptable to teach children a lesson by hitting and getting violent with them?

If your spouse did something you didn’t like, or forgot to do something they said they would, would it be okay to punch or smack them?  No.  Therefore it’s not okay to punch, smack, spank or hit your child either.

Children are not second class citizens for parents to assault and abuse.  Spanking, hitting, smacking, punching and slapping are all physical abuse, and are not acceptable.

It’s never okay to hit a child.

Looking for alternatives to hitting and spanking?

Here are a few.




Getting calm.











A better world starts with the way we are raising our children.  And raising our children better must include not hitting, slapping, spanking, or otherwise physically assaulting them in any way. Ever.

In Support Of Children

– Eric

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