Positive Affirmations For Parents

Positive Affirmations for Parents

Positive Affirmations for Parents

Positive affirmations work.

They work because when you say them, your brain forms new connections that reinforce the affirming statement or thought. So you are literally training your mind to think optimistically and enthusiastically.

And when you are more optimistic and enthusiastic, the greater the chances are that you’ll feel more connected, loving and present with your children.

Affirmations are great for parents as well as for any other area of life. Here are some positive affirmations you can say to yourself regularly to keep your spirits high, and your relationship with your kids strong.

Positive Affirmations For Parents

I am doing the best I can as a parent.

I would do anything for my children.

I love to spend time with my children.

I have come such a long way in my parenting skills.

I am learning something new every day.

I am getting better and stronger every day.

I would never intentionally do anything to cause my children harm.

I love learning and growing as a parent.

My parenting skills are so much farther along than my own parents were.

My children love me, and I love them.

Every moment that I get to spend with my children is precious.

My connection with my children is strong.

I am proud of my kids, and of the relationship I have with them.

I honor and respect my children, and my children honor and respect me.

I am amazing.

I am awesome.

I love the work of parenting.

I love being pushed and challenged to grow as a person.

Parenting is important work, and I am glad to put in the extra effort.

If you have any other ideas for affirmations, let me know in the comments, or on the Facebook page.

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