Preparing Children for the “Real World”

Time to embrace Peaceful ParentingOld-school “tough love” parenting approaches have failed.

We aren’t better prepared for the “real world” with spanking, punishing, shaming, and with mental and verbal abuse.  Those things weaken us, make us afraid and teach us to develop bitterness, distrust and coldness as a way of dealing with the world.

Too many of us are miserable inside because of the way we were raised.  If you need evidence of that, look at the statistics on depression, suicide rates, drug use and other self-injurious habits that young adults develop.

Personally, I know this first-hand myself.  I grew up angry, frustrated, confused and resentful.  The world wasn’t perceived to be a safe place to embrace and in which I could thrive.  Instead, I was afraid of it, afraid of others, and I barely knew how to survive.

It’s time to end the authoritarian mentality of harsh, punitive discipline and violence in the home.

And it’s time to embrace the new paradigm of gentle, compassionate, peaceful parenting.

We best prepare our children for the real world with conscious, peaceful, positive parenting.

Talking things out with your children, listening to their feelings, respecting, honoring and appreciating them is NOT raising them soft, spoiled, entitled and unprepared for the “real world”.

In fact, it makes them better prepared for the “real world” because they will have developed the important life skills of dealing with letdowns, disappointment and frustrations, instead of burying emotions, denying limitations, and pretending to have it all together.

The whole attitude of “toughen up your kids because the world is a mean and tough place” is a misguided and harmful approach.

It doesn’t make a child “tough” by spanking and beating and verbally abusing them. It weakens them. And the more you do that, the the more long-term damage is likely to develop.

But the more love, understanding, empathy and appreciation that children get, that’s what really makes them better prepared for the real world. Because they will have the confidence, emotional resiliency, and the positive self-regard needed to overcome the challenges and inevitable difficulties of life.

The truth is, the old-school “tough love” authoritarian approaches have failed us. We (the majority of us) are lacking in self love. We’re depressed and anxious and we barely know the reasons why. We are addicted to alcohol and drugs, food and other unhealthy habits. We’re trying to escape from reality because we don’t have true mental toughness, and we don’t have that because of the harsh ways we were raised.

It’s time to give our children what they deserve, which is the powerful real-world skills of positive self-regard, confidence, compassion for others, and emotional wellness.

Children get those skills from positive, conscious, peaceful parenting.

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