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June 2018

I recently ended my work in web development and marketing. I am now putting all my effort and focus on writing and on helping parents.

During this transition, I am asking for the support of readers and fans of 1 Awesome Dad, to enable me to do the work I am called to do which is helping support parents.

If you find my work valuable in any way, please consider giving whatever you feel is appropriate.

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The history of 1 Awesome Dad

I started my Facebook page in 2012, mostly as a platform to share my opinions and views about raising children. I realized the power of social media to educate and raise awareness, but back then I didn’t realize my own true potential as a teacher and as an advocate for peaceful parenting.

But little by little my page grew in following, and I started a facebook group too, Peaceful Parenting Community. My page 1 Awesome Dad now has over 38,000 followers and the group is going on 16,000 members.

This work takes a lot of time and energy. I now want to give all my attention to writing, consulting and helping parents in whatever way I am called to do.

First, I am finishing my first ebook. Look for an announcement on the completion of it soon!

I’m also pursuing more writing opportunities over the web. I’m currently writing on Medium, and I have other popular websites I want to write for.

I want to start a podcast, and offer courses across various platforms on peaceful parenting, and possibly in personal development too.

Support my work now

I am reached out to often for advice and consulting, through this website and on social media. I try to answer and make myself available as much as I can.

My calling is to write, advise and advocate for peaceful parenting. I receive amazing testimonials on a regular basis for the work I do.

What most people may not realize is the time, energy and attention it takes to keep all this going. Maintaining this website, writing and creating content, consulting and answering questions.

You can help support my work today. When you do, please write and leave a suggestion or comment for me, you can email ericdgreene@gmail.com (the paypal form might have a comment box available too)